2019 - progress

2019 - progress

2019, january

During the really cold and nasty parts of the winter, I can work in relative comfort in the workshop, so that's what I've been dong. 

I bought the oak for the new back door and for the second, larger, widow in the S facade and have been working on these a few hours at a time.  I have also advanced quite a bit on the studding and dry lining inside and on the electrics : cables pulled in etc.

What I haven't been doing is taking photos, so I'm afraid there is no record of work during the early part of 2019.

2019, june

Progress visible from the outside !  Old widow removed and acros and support beam installed in a hole in the wall, ready to cut out the brickwork for the larger window.

untitled 6070


By late june the hole was cleared and the new lintel installed.

untitled 6082


Next job was to create some forms and cast the window cill in situ.  This needs to be quite deep front to back as it needs to span the future external insulation.

You can see the one for the small window under the poly on the right.  The poly is to keep weather and stray cats out until the glass is fitted.

 untitled 6332

Here it is done, no progress shots I'm afraid.



2019 july/august

Quite a bit of progress on the inside, including the half wall to divide the kitchen corner from the main living area, partition walls for the small bedroom and some work on the kitchen cabinets.  The back door is also installed on some brilliant adjustable hinges I found on line.

untitled 8321

Here I have to confess to a stupid mistake.  The kitchen corner is wildly out of square - not unusual in old buildings like this - the angle between the two parts of the L shaped work top is nearly 100°.  OK, lots of care to measure the angles and mark up before cutting the worktop, only to find I'd made a perfect mirror image of what I needed.  Damn !!  Fortunately the DIY Shed still had the same pattern in stock.

untitled 8319




untitled 8318







Here Isabelle has started on the plasterboard joints.  Looks like she's better at it than I am - fortunately.

The gap at the top is of no consequence as there will be a false ceiling to allow space for insulation (the attic is already boarded, so cant put it there) and also the wiring, especially downstairs.

2019 september

Glass delivered and installed so I can take the polythene down.

Now started on the partition and dry liner walls downstairs to allow Isabelle some space to work on the joints upstairs.