2020 - progress

2020 - progress

2020, january 

dk 20191231 0813 window

As in 2019 I've worked mainly in the workshop during the really cold parts of the winter, I can work in relative comfort in the workshop, so that's what I've been doing. 

The timber for the new front door and the north side windows has been prepared and a good part of the joinrey done. 

Here is the new window for the ground floor during the final stages in the workshop.

2020, february/march/april

LOCKDOWN !!!   Covid 19 has struck and we are all confined to the house except for essential shopping.  

You would think that would allow lots of time to work on the house - yes and no...  Plenty of time, but no materials.  Just about everything I tried to do came to a halt for lack of materials before I could finish.  So : lots of jobs part done, nothning much that could be called finiished.  Isabelle has plastered up the joints of most of the ground floor plasterboard.  I've completed and tested the plumbing - one small leak in the kitchen area, quickly fixed.  The toilet is installed but no water for the moment so we are not using it.  The false ceiling is installed in the entrance hall and stairs.

As well as the above difficulties, work was affected by the weather in april - it was glorious, with the result that we stayed outside and worked mainly on the garden.

2020, may 11th

Back to work on the 11th when we were finally allowed out for other than food shopping.  Started with a trip to the council waste site to get rid of a huge accumulation of rubbish.  Rain threatened later so too risky to go to the builders merchants for plasterboard using an open trailer - that will have to wait for tomorrow.