2020 - projects

2020 - projects

As for 2019 nothing much in the main house in 2020 !

For the first time in probably 30 years there has been no major project in my main house.  This is for two reasons, firstly the house was in pretty good order when we bought it in 2013 and any changes such as adding the second bathroom are long since done, and secondly that I woke up to the fact that I have had the little town house restoration project (9-11-11) for 5 years and while there has been considerable progress, it is still quite a way from being finished and I'm getting impatient for some return on investment.  Huge progress was made in 2019, lots more in 2020 and I plan to finish in 2021 ! 

So what happened in 2020 (apart from covid !!) ?  For details of the restoration project see the 9-11-11 blog 2020

For the main house and garden the big job was fixing the greenhouse.  This is a poly tunnel installed by the previous owners and the cover was well past its sell by date.  I'd patched it with tape once too often...

Ripping off the old one was only too easy, adding the new one was only hard going as far as digging the trench round the structure to bury the edge of the cover.  Lots of tree roots !!!

Took advantage of the "recover" to re-enforce the steel frame and to add a door at the north end next to the water tank.  I had already piped water into the greenhouse but was forever walking round to the north end where I keep potted up cuttings and the like awaiting permanent homes.  A door each end is also better for keeping the temperature under control in mid summer, we have days in the low 40's in the shade - you can imagine what temperature a poly tunnel could get up to without adequate ventilation !!

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Project completed by the end of April.